Technology Transfer

Project transfers of knowledge into the economy are the main activity of CTT. 
As a supporting institution for FSB's development innovation activities, CTT is working to transfer the findings of scientific research, ideas and inventions “from laboratories” to the market. This activity is carried out in all forms of technology transfer that are suitable for the results of project activities: providing support in intellectual property protection, pre-commercialisation of intellectual property, licensing of intellectual property and through companies based on research results. Commercialization of research results through licensing and spin-out i start-up company represents the essence of socially desirable and ethically acceptable academic entrepreneurship.

Since its establishment, CTT has implemented several dozen projects to transfer technology to the economy and commercialise innovation. It is not only aimed at transferring FSB's knowledge into the economy, but is strongly integrated into the entire scientific community and provides technology transfer services to many faculties and scientific institutes.

CTT is also active in development-innovation projects aimed at building its own capacities and creating synergies with other complementary organisations for more efficient implementation of cooperation between the research community and industry.