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Center of Technology Transfer llc. is a company founded in 1996 by the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture (FAMENA) of the University of Zagreb, with the support of the Ministry of Science, and in consultation with the German Fraunhofer Institute. The center is located in the premises of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture and currently has five full-time employees. The strategic purpose of CTT is to connect science and the economy in order to raise competitiveness of the Croatian industry and strengthen the role of FAMENA in this process. CTT conducts a series of activities encouraging the development of innovative companies, and guiding students towards entrepreneurship.

Sudjelovanje na zajedničkom europskom tržištu, ali i u globalnom okruženju donijelo je nove prilike, ali i izazove za hrvatsko gospodarstvo i društvo, zbog čega je nužno ulagati u infrastrukturu, znanje i vještine. U tom kontekstu CTT provodi niz aktivnosti sa svrhom povezivanja znanosti i gospodarstva, poticanja razvoja inovativnih tvrtki i usmjeravanja studenata prema poduzetništvu.
The main activities of the Center of Technology Transfer are:
• Seminars,
• Projects,
• Technology transfer,
• Business and students incubation


The mission of CTT is to encourage the development and innovative activities of FAMENA, transfer the results of scientific research to the market, and improve competitiveness of innovative start-up and/or spin-off companies.


CTT's vision is to be a recognizable central place of cooperation between science and economy in order to increase the competitiveness of Croatian industry.